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Телефони в България: +359 889 432769 и +359 888 297441     Телефон в Москва: (499) 918 72 84

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If you were happy with our service, feel free to email us a short text about what was your impression from our work and we will quickly publish it in this section of our website.

Last year, my wife and myself have purchased a House in Kamenar and Mr. Damyan Vasilev has been more than helpful. He has been very professional and has advised us in all matters to our outmost satisfaction. Damyan has assisted us to get the best deal done and to advise on carpenter, pool construction etc. and assisted and arranged all legal matters. Even more so,” he went beyond the call of duty” and helped further in all matters to the extent to even to go with us to purchase furniture, appliances etc. 

Such dedication is not normal and is indeed more than highly appreciated. 

Prior to flying to Bulgaria we had several e-mail correspondences and already at that time, not knowing Damyan, I decided that I will definitely not even look for at any other company.


My wife and myself are very happy to have met Damyan and we consider him not a business acquaintance any longer but we feel that we have won a true friend. Fact is that there is 100 % trust from our side and it will remain like this.

We shall be Ambassadors for DOM-Bulgaria.RU/Bulgarovo Bulgaria and we can recommend Damyan and Stefan to anyone who is interested to buy a property in Bulgaria. 

As I have lived and worked in Bulgaria for several years I know the country and its lovely people, I can assure you that Damyan and Stefan are above the rest and with their expertise they will defiantly find the right and desired object and the right price. I can guarantee total satisfaction. Detlef M. 

* Dear Damyan, Just a brief note of thanks for the friendly and efficient way in which you sold my apartment. Everything went very smoothly and I would be happy to recommend your services to other potential sellers or give a reference if requested. Good luck in the future. Best regards, Richard Owen 

* Damyan was helpful and very knowledgeable in the sale of our apartment and ensured the process happened swiftly and without any complications and I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like a smooth, hassle-free transaction in the sale of a Bulgarian property. Phill Hampshire 

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